In the Company of Women

In the company of women…

Waiting in the lobby of the hotel after the John of God event in Toronto, I am hoping to find someone to share a cab to the airport.  It is early, dark and cold…I am alone, which is fine…but also new.  Soon a vibrant talkative woman glides by me, her two suitcases in tow, asking if I am the woman who is sharing her taxi…no but I am hoping to do just that…I follow in her wake as a younger women strolls into the lobby heading to the door, she is the one.  May I come too, I ask and am immediately swept up in the group…

I love women… once we are stuffed into the taxi we begin to share…John of God alone is enough to connect us, all here for healing, spiritual awakening, guidance and hope…as we share I tell of my grief from divorce and trip to Brazil to the Casa to see John of God in the summer, how it changed my life. Next the woman, younger by decades, tells of her grief, current divorce and the loss of her baby girl two years ago, how she was called to be here for the Toronto event. As we near the airport, our group leader shares of her husband’s affair after 28 years of marriage, her divorce, shock and struggle, she points out the good parts and we all agree this healing event was transformative.

Now we are at the airport, at my terminal, I am looking for money getting out of the cab, we pause to wish each other well and I am standing on the curb waving goodbye. In less than 20 minutes we have each shared our deep wounds, our strength…we felt heard and understood, we connected and now it is time for good bye…I love women… we bond fast and deep in moments…I am reminded I am never alone.

Be well, Abi